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Materská škola ImatraHľadať



Imatra 2548/8,

96001 Zvolen

Director : Mgr. Mária Šalková

tel.: 0905 880 359


The kindergarten is situated in Zvolen in the housing estate Západ-Tepličky. The site is composed of four buildings, whereas the blue, green and red buildings are classes and the yellow one serves as an office for the director, economist, head of canteen and the kitchen.  We run six classes and offer all-day educational care. The whole area of our kindergarten is suitable for outdoor activities, there are six sand and climbing playgrounds.

The kindergarten follows the own School educational program under the name "We get learn the world with Lego”, which has been elaborated in accordance with the National educational program for pre-elementary education. Our educational activities focus on experience learning and application of the educational tool Lego.


Take the Local bus No. 6, 8 or 9 from the Bus or Train station Zvolen and get down on the bus stop Západ - Tepličky. Further on walk down the Tulská Street for about 4 minutes until you get on the Imatra Street. Our kindergarten is easily recognizable with its colour buildings (yellow, blue, red and green).


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